Why Coca-Cola is spending $8.5 billion on advertising and branding in 2020

Coca-cola is spending nearly $8 billion this year on ads and branding aimed at promoting its products, including the Coke Zero, Coke Zero Classic, and Coke Zero Red.

The company also has a new ad campaign called “No Coke,” which was released on Thursday.

In it, an African-American woman walks into a white house with a bottle of Coca-Cola.

She is then greeted by a smiling young white man and his dog, who then lead her through the house and down the stairs.

The image is of a smiling woman who holds the bottle.

Coca-COLA says that the image will help to promote the Zero brand, which is already gaining traction on social media.

The new ad also stars former President Barack Obama, who has spoken out against soda advertising in the past, and former Vice President Joe Biden.

The Coca-Pepsi ad, titled “No Sugar,” is aimed at young people, with a narrator saying: “If you want to get healthy and feel good, stop drinking soda.

It’s got sugar in it.

It will make you sick.”

Coca-Co, which makes Pepsi, Dr Pepper, and other drinks, spent $4.9 billion in advertising last year.

The American Beverage Association says that in 2016, Americans drank about 13 gallons of soda a day.

Coca Cola, which made about $9 billion on the company last year, has a market value of $55 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

How to tell if someone’s a celebrity impersonator

More than a million celebrities have been found to be impersonating other celebrities.

But the latest celebrity impersonation scandal has been turning up the heat on the practice.

Here’s how to spot a celebrity with fake profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Top advertisers target women, especially in the realm of beauty and fashionTop advertising agencies target women in the beauty and luxury industries.

And the practice is growing faster than any other category of ads, according to a recent report from Ad Age.

Advertisers are targeting women in a variety of different areas, according a report from the Advertising Analytics Institute.

They’re targeting consumers in the fields of health care, retail, media, and media and entertainment.

The study found that women account for almost two-thirds of women who opt in for an ad on Facebook and Instagram, as well as nearly one-third of women on Pinterest.

And women who are also female, according the study, make up a significant chunk of those who opt out of an ad.

For example, women account in a large percentage of people who opt not to see an ad for a company on Pinterest, and they account for nearly one in five women who don’t see an advertisement for a brand on Instagram.

Advertising analysts say the trend is growing because of social media’s ability to be “self-aware” about its users.

People who don

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