New ad targeting technology promises to transform advertising techniques

By By LYNN TUCKER, Associated Press The latest in a series of innovations that could help advertisers reach more consumers in a more timely fashion has a lot of potential to transform the way people shop online.

Advertisers can now target advertisements to consumers on more than a dozen different types of platforms.

And advertisers can use more sophisticated algorithms to target consumers’ interests, using a variety of data and technology, from facial recognition software to machine learning to the most advanced ad tech.

The industry’s focus on the emerging Internet of Things has spurred new ad targeting technologies, including a facial recognition system that lets advertisers create more targeted ads for individuals with facial recognition technology.

The system can match images of individuals with a similar profile to match their interests.

The new technology can also be used to track a person’s whereabouts in real time, and to identify individual visitors to a website.

Advertising companies have been looking for ways to target ads for consumers, with some even testing ad technology to use on cars, trucks, bicycles, and other vehicles.

A new report from AdTech, a non-profit research group, found that about one in 10 online ads targeted to the Internet of things is targeted to people with facial facial recognition systems.

The technology can identify and identify faces from a range of facial expressions.

It also can identify specific objects in a person or person’s environment.

A new report by Google found that the company had deployed facial recognition algorithms to track drivers around the world.

Google says that the technology is used to identify cars, as well as to track pedestrians and cyclists.

The company says that this data is used in real-time to track people, so that advertisers can create more personalized ads to target people based on their preferences.

Adtech says that facial recognition is now being used by over 300 advertisers and more than 40 brands.

This includes more than 70 global brands, including Google, Starbucks, and Disney.

Google said it has been using facial recognition to identify people based their facial features, and is also working with a number of third-party advertisers to provide personalized ads based on facial data.

AdTech says that it also found that a large number of advertisers were using a technique called ‘repetitively matching,’ which is used when an advertiser identifies a face and then compares it with an image of that face.

Google has developed software that can identify the same facial features and then compare the two images, which could lead to a much more accurate advertising target.

Ads that target individuals based on specific facial features can have a more subtle impact than ads that target specific individuals based solely on their interests, AdTech says.

The technology could also be able to identify specific individuals with the same face.

For example, advertisers could use facial recognition, but also the technology’s ability to match images from an individual’s own face, to identify a person with a particular face, and then match that face to a specific person’s interests.

This can be especially helpful for individuals who are very similar in their interests and interests groups.

Ad-tech companies are also working to use machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science to help them develop more sophisticated ad targeting strategies.

AdTech’s report shows that a number are developing algorithms to identify the faces of people and then use facial-recognition technology to match the images.

This type of technology could help marketers target ads based more on individual interests than on the type of person or interest group that a person is.

It could also allow advertisers to identify potential consumers who are interested in certain products and services and then target ads to those consumers based on those interests.

Ad tech companies are developing these algorithms in order to target their ads to the best interest of consumers, according to AdTech.

In the future, the technology could be used for more complex targeted advertising.

The report also found the companies developing these new technologies to target advertisers based on more specific interests than the types of people or interests that the advertisers typically target.

In other words, these companies are creating ads to be more personalized to individual interests.

The reports also shows that companies are exploring the potential to create new ad-tech products to help advertisers target specific consumers with specific interests, according the report.

For example, a number companies are working on creating a face-recognizer system that could match images with a person based on a variety or even just their face.

Some of the companies, including Facebook and Google, are already working on similar systems to help people identify friends and family members.

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