How to tell if a ad is relevant to your audience

If you’re thinking about how to market your app or service to people, you may be thinking about the people who will use it.

How will they use it?

And what will they do with it?

If you don’t understand how to tell, it can mean you’ve missed the point.advertisementmeaning,meaning the app or content is relevant,andthe user is likely to want to use it or use it in future.

It’s important to note that, for the vast majority of people, these are all valid answers.

The ad itself doesn’t matter as much as how people respond to it.

But what you can do is understand how people will react to your app.

For example, in one of the more surprising news articles of 2017, a new app that lets you search for people’s faces, has been generating over $2.3 million in ad revenue.advertisement.advertisementadvertisementadvertisementThis app has attracted a ton of attention, and it has been selling more than $2 million in ads.

This means that its users have seen it and bought into it, and the ads have had a major impact on their daily lives.

However, what’s even more remarkable is that the app has also been generating a ton more revenue than any other app on iOS.

The numbers don’t lie.advertisementThis is an ad from the iPhone app “FaceTime”advertisementadvertisementIt’s an ad for the iPhone version of “Face Time.”

The ad is about the app’s ability to “see and share faces, face to face, anytime, anywhere.”

In other words, FaceTime is an app that gives users the ability to make face-to-face calls with someone.

In the ad, a woman is shown holding up a phone, and an Apple logo appears above her.

The woman looks to the right and is smiling.

The phone appears to vibrate.

In the ad she is shown smiling and holding up the phone.

The iPhone logo is on the screen.

The iPhone logo appears over her head as she holds up the device.

The ad then switches to another image showing a man holding up his iPhone, and then shows a woman holding up her phone.

In both of these examples, the app is telling the user that they have the ability, and they should use it, to make calls and share photos and videos with people.

In one case, a video is shown.

In another case, it’s shown in a separate image.

In this case, Face Time is the same app, but with the text “Face time” on the iPhone.

The ads are being shown to a woman, who is smiling and smiling in response to the text.

In both instances, she is the one who is holding up and smiling.

This is the Apple logo that appears over the woman’s head.advertisementIf you were to watch a video of someone doing something that would make her laugh, you’d notice the text over the top.

If you were watching a video where someone was eating, you might notice the line above the food.

The ads are both showing images of people enjoying food, but the text is different in both cases.

In each case, the ads are the same image, but in the case of the Apple ad, the text in the ad is different.

In this case it reads, “Face to face anytime, wherever.

See the world in your phone.”

This is a clear indication that FaceTime can be a valuable tool for users.

The fact that Apple has managed to attract so much interest in FaceTime shows that the feature is still very much in its infancy.

It’s still in beta, but its popularity is growing fast.

Apple has also shown that Face Time can be used to send face-time videos and photos, and to record and share videos.

For instance, the company recently rolled out FaceTime support in the latest version of Apple Maps for iPhone.

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