Which is the most influential man in the world?

The biggest, most influential person in the country.

In his home state of Pennsylvania, it’s businessman Joe Biden, whose son Beau is the next in line for the vice presidency.

Biden, 63, is the highest-paid chief executive in the United States and a leading figure in the political establishment.

He’s been called the next Joe Biden.

Biden was born in 1912 in Philadelphia, but grew up in Brooklyn.

Biden moved to the suburbs of New York City when he was 12, where he was raised by his mother.

His father, Benjamin, ran a furniture business and became an influential businessman in the city.

Biden attended public schools and graduated from Columbia University Law School in 1955.

He later went to work for the family firm, WilmerHale, and later became the vice president of the company.

The elder Biden’s life story was an inspiration for many young people in the 1960s, especially his son Beau, who went on to become vice president and a U.S. senator from Delaware.

Beau Biden was a model student, he later said.

He graduated from Princeton University Law and Politics School, and after graduation from law school, he went on the path of politics, serving as a U, S. senator in 1976.

He lost his Democratic primary to Bill Bradley in the general election in 1976 and then lost his bid for the White House to George McGovern in 1972.

In 1988, Biden lost his re-election bid to then-president George H.W. Bush.

He then went on a campaign tour of the U.N. and was named ambassador to the United Nations.

The Biden name has since become synonymous with foreign policy, but Biden has not always been known for being a diplomat.

In 1992, the president of Estonia, Alexander Vershbow, was arrested on trumped-up charges related to his involvement in a massive bribery scandal.

Biden did not back down, telling The Associated Press at the time that he was outraged.

Biden’s name was also part of the scandal surrounding the former U.K. Prime Minister Lord Ken Livingstone, who was accused of being a wealthy developer who sought to buy up properties and companies in British Columbia, a move he called a “tax scam.”

Biden, then a Democratic senator, later served as vice president under President Bill Clinton.

Biden went on as president and took office after the impeachment trial, and he remained in office for five years.

The U.C. Berkeley graduate is known for his progressive political views.

He has opposed President Donald Trump, and supported Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

In the 1990s, Biden was considered a potential running mate for then-Sen. Hillary Clinton, but she ultimately decided not to run.

Biden has never held elected office and is currently not seeking another term.

He currently holds the title of vice president.

His son Beau Biden is the youngest child of Benjamin and Mary Biden.

He is married to the former Elizabeth Dole, the first woman to serve as the vice chair of the Democratic National Committee.

The family’s charitable foundation, which includes the Biden Foundation, is currently focused on improving education and healthcare.

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