How to write a good ad for your website

An advertising agency in India is looking to change the way they get paid.

They are looking to get rid of the traditional ad placements, which they see as a waste of money.

The idea is to pay a client a lot of money upfront, and then let them spend that money on other ads later.

The goal is to make the ads that people see a lot more effective.

That’s the approach that Taft Advertising has taken.

It’s trying to do something different.

Taft, a Delhi-based agency, has been paying its clients to run targeted ads for them in the market.

The client pays $5,000 a month for the ad placement, and Taft gives them an option to spend the money on any of the other ads they like, or on the client’s own projects.

It uses this revenue to buy marketing services for the client, and to set up their own agency.

Tafts first client was a small, medium and large-sized business in a small town in Maharashtra.

The small business owner, who is a marketing executive, was getting a bit restless.

So he started paying Tafts to run his ads in a local newspaper.

“I got a lot interest in advertising,” he says.

That interest led him to start his own agency, which he now runs as a separate entity, Taft Advertisements.

“We don’t have any financial backing from the clients, but we do have a very good network of clients,” says G. K. Manoj, one of Taft’s co-founders.

They’re looking for more clients and more opportunities to build a bigger business.

Taften Advertisements first started doing work for the government of India a few years ago.

They work with government agencies in India to help them promote their projects.

“People want to know if the government is doing good things,” says Manoj.

And they want to see the results of that, which is why Taft is targeting people in different areas of the country.

Manaj, a marketing professional who works with Taft in Mumbai, says that Tafts ad campaigns are typically run by a small team.

“Usually, they’re a small group of people,” he adds.

“Our clients pay us to do ads in the local newspapers, and we get a lot, if not all of the money.”

Taft has had success in Mumbai.

The company has worked with government and local government agencies for about six years now.

But Manoj says that he wants to expand his company to include more clients.

“In Mumbai, we work with a number of different agencies,” he continues.

“It’s not just Taft.

The government, local governments, colleges, hospitals, they can all use Taft.”

But Taft says that it has been working with a few other clients for the last two years, including the government and the National Institute of Public Administration and Public Policy.

Manj says that the government has been very supportive.

“The government has not been a big fan of us at all,” he points out.

“So we’re very much a part of the government.”

Tafts new client is a small startup in a Mumbai suburb.

The business has a client base of about 40 people.

It works with a couple of companies in the area.

But they only hire two people a month, which makes the team limited.

“They don’t hire a lot,” says one of the co-founder, G. D. Singh.

The main reason for the small size of the team is the lack of experience.

“There’s no experience,” says Singh.

“If you don’t know how to write an ad, you don’st even know how a company works,” says the co. founder.

That is why they’ve hired a couple more people to work with them.

Manij says that they are not looking for a traditional ad agency, but for a smaller agency that can do their work in less time.

“Instead of working in a traditional agency, we’ll try and do it by ourselves,” he explains.

They have a couple clients that are big.

“These clients are bigger than Taft,” says a co-owner.

The big clients are banks.

But Tafts biggest client is the government.

Mani says that this is one of their biggest projects.

But that’s not what they are focusing on.

“You need to have experience in other fields,” says Mahesh.

Tafty’s work is in the Indian market.

It has clients in several other countries, including Brazil, the United Kingdom and India.

It is also targeting people living in Mumbai and the surrounding areas.

The project also includes a small ad for a local hotel.

The advertising agency will run these ads for the hotels, and they will also be running the ads for other businesses.

“As the client base grows, we will be looking for the best agencies to help us do our work,”

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