‘I was in shock’: How a ‘badass’ Disney cartoon changed my life

With Disney’s latest animated feature, Frozen, just a few days away from its official debut, many fans have been asking, “What was your reaction to it?”

The answer, according to many, is that it was everything.

The animated feature stars Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Anthony Mackie, Andy Samberg, and many more.

(Courtesy of Disney)The first three films, all of which premiered in 2009, are known for their iconic moments and their ability to capture the imaginations of young girls across the globe.

But the fifth film, Frozen Fever, is an all-out celebration of the Frozen franchise.

The film was nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Feature and is a blockbuster of a film, attracting the attention of both Disney and Pixar.

The film premiered on the Disney Channel in the United States on Jan. 25, and has already sold more than 2.3 million tickets to date.

Its opening weekend alone saw it earn $2.8 million in ticket sales, according for the studio.

Frozen Fever premiered on Disney Channel on Jan 24, 2017.

(Getty Images)But the film has also been the subject of a ton of controversy, with critics and viewers criticizing its depiction of a white princess who is black, and its whitewashing of some of the most iconic moments of the Disney franchise.

Many critics have criticized the film for its whiteness, including actress Cara Delevingne, who said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that the film was “a racist film.”

“It’s not just about whiteness,” Delevinge said.

“It’s about racism.

It’s about oppression.”

The film has received criticism for its depiction and lack of diversity, including for its lack of an African American character, its lack in female lead roles, and even its lack for an LGBT character.

“I think the most important thing that’s going to happen when Frozen Fever comes out is that, because there’s a lot of people who were born after it came out, it will become more of an issue,” Delevinse said.

“It will become a cultural phenomenon.

I think people will be more aware of it and will want to see it more.

I also think people are going to want to look at it and say, ‘Hey, I wanted to see a black princess in my life,’ because that’s what you can get.”

The Disney Channel, which premiered Frozen Fever in the U.S. on Jan 25, 2017, is owned by Disney Studios.

(Disney/Getty Images for Disney)Frozen fever’s depiction of the Black princess is one of the major reasons why some critics and fans have reacted negatively to it.

In the film, the Black character, Anna, is shown in an alternate universe where she is a white woman who is adopted by an alien race.

Elsa, the Snow Queen, is depicted as a black woman with white skin, a trait she has throughout the film.

“In the movie, she’s white,” Delevense said of the character.

“The reason why she’s black is because of the fact that she’s an adopted black girl.

It makes her seem a bit more like a black person.

And it makes it more of a negative representation of the African-American experience.”

LeBron James, who has previously called the film “a very racist film,” recently tweeted, “My feelings are mixed on this one.

I’m a fan of the film but not as a Disney fan.”

(Courtesy)Others have criticized Disney for its decision to not include an African-Americans main character, saying the inclusion of a Black princess would have been a positive and uplifting statement.

“There are so many reasons why you shouldn’t have a black main character in the movie,” one Twitter user, @theturtlehead, wrote.

“As a white girl, this is so disappointing, and it’s a real shame,” @theTurtlehead added.

Disney, however, insists it didn’t intend to erase a racial subtext, and said in a statement that “in fact, Elsa’s story is not as black as the film suggests.

It is about a powerful white woman.””

This is a critical message to all women and girls, especially in the 21st century, who are fighting to achieve equality and justice,” the statement read.”

This message also highlights that Frozen Fever is a celebration of diversity.

In addition to reflecting a diverse cast of characters, the film shows how our world is better when we’re all included in a vibrant, inclusive, and respectful celebration of culture, music, and imagination.”

In response to the backlash, Disney has released a statement: “We are proud of the work Frozen Fever has done to redefine how we look at race and gender.

The original version of the script was written by one of our original directors, Chris Buck, and is the only one of its kind in animation history.””The film

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