What if I told you a synonym of Coca-Cola was the most expensive beverage in the world?

An ad from the Coca-Cola Company that aired on Tuscaloosa County television stations in September 2012, says the product is “The best beverage on the planet.”

But is it?

And what does it have to do with the world’s most expensive?

In this episode of The Lad, we talk to a spokesperson for Coca-cola about the ad and answer some listener questions about the company’s advertising strategy.

The ad was titled “What if I said a synonyms of Coca Cola was the least expensive beverage on Earth?”

It was created by the Coca Colas advertising agency and is part of a larger advertising campaign for the company.

Coca-COLA is an acronym for Coca Colucola, which stands for Coca Cinta.

The Coca-Coors brand name was created in 1931 by Charles I. Coca Colás.

Coca was a Latin word meaning “good,” which was used by the Spanish conquerors of the Americas to describe the goods they sold to the natives.

The company’s name was eventually adopted in the United States.

Coca Coors products are sold around the world.

The United States is a global powerhouse, boasting the world-wide largest Coca- Cola market.

Its sales topped $6.6 billion in 2013.

The beverage company owns about 10 percent of the market, according to the company, which also owns Coca-Labs, the world leading maker of artificial sweeteners.

It has a portfolio of brands including Minute Maid, Sprite, and Diet Coke.

It’s the biggest beverage company in the US, with about 5,000 stores, according the company website.

CocaCola and the CocaCoors name have long been synonymous with the beverage, which has a global reach.

In the U.S., Coca- cola is the most widely consumed beverage.

In 2014, the beverage was listed by Nielsen as the second most popular beverage in America, after beer.

Coca cola, though, is far from the only drink on the list.

Below, we break down the top five beverages in terms of their price.

A few other beverages are also on the market in the U, including iced tea and tea-infused milk.

Coca­Cola is also the world leader in bottled water, as well as a major player in the beverage business, with a portfolio that includes the world famous iced drinks and a variety of flavored sodas.

The world’s top five most expensive beverages are: Coke  (in 2014) Coca Coles iced beverages (in 2014, $2.98 per litre) Ice  Coke  ($2.65 per litres) Lemonade  Nike  Lemonades  $2.45 Diet Coke  Beverage $2 Maltodextrin  Malt Dextrin $1.79 Soda  Soda (1/2 ounce)  1/3 cup 1/4 cup 3/4 Beverages Apple Apple (2/3 ounce) 1/3 Coca-Cola Coke (1 liter) 2/4 oz 4/5 Pomegranate Pom-Pom 2/4 tsp 3 1/2 Coke Sprite Sprite (4.2 ounces) 1/4  Lime Lime (2 ounces).

1.5 oz 1 1

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