How an ad from Montgomery County will make you feel

Advertisers have long sought to make a mark in Montgomery County.

The county is home to some of the most prominent and prestigious institutions in the country, including the University of Maryland, the University, the Montgomery County Public Library, and the American Cancer Society.

But now that the Montgomery Advertiser Company has entered the fray, it hopes to bring its advertisers to Montgomery and create a brand identity that aligns with its core values. 

“The Montgomery County Advertising Company has spent the past four years focusing on creating an identity that has a connection to our community, our history, and our businesses,” the company said in a statement.

“We’ve been able to achieve that through the development of brand partnerships with several Montgomery businesses, the creation of our brand identity, and through partnerships with top Montgomery-based brands.”

The Montgomery Adversary Company will be working with several major Montgomery businesses to help them achieve this goal.

The company will offer a variety of brands to advertisers, including a range of local, regional, and national brands, along with a variety and range of products and services.

“Our Montgomery-area brands will continue to be built around our core values, and will include the local and regional brands that have made Montgomery their home for more than 50 years,” the ad agency said.

The Montgomery ad agency is working with a range that includes the American Red Cross, American Institute of Architects, American National Mortgage Association, American Cancer Association, Montgomery County Board of Supervisors, Montgomery Chamber of Commerce, Montgomery Fire and Rescue Department, and Montgomery County Hospital and Medical Center.

The agency also hopes to have an impact on other local businesses, including Montgomery’s local grocery chain, Montgomery’s own retail brand, and a local restaurant. 

The ad agency also said it hopes its partnership with American Red and American Institute will allow Montgomery County to “make a positive impact on the community” through its brand and identity.

“Montgomery County has a rich history in our community and a rich future,” Montgomery Adverstisment Company President Joe Haggerty said in the statement.

“We look forward to working with our advertisers to achieve a meaningful and lasting partnership that will create a strong, positive brand for Montgomery County,” he added. 

Advertisers will also be able to target advertisements with a local local audience that will be able view them through an online ad platform that will include a local news network, the American News Network. 

Additionally, the ad company will work with the Montgomery Chamber to promote the Montgomery Business Council, the Chamber’s regional business advisory council. 

According to the ad, the partnership with the Chamber will help Montgomery County “strengthen the Chamber as an active voice in the Montgomery economy and the nation.” 

“We believe that Montgomery County has an opportunity to be the new face of America,” Haggerton said. 

 The Montgomery Advertisements will be launching their campaign in the first quarter of 2018. 

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