What to know about the latest ad campaign in the election

By The Wall St Journal • November 24, 2020 12:58:24 The latest ad barrage by Republican candidates has left the political world with a number of questions.

The top issue is what to make of the latest GOP ad that shows a young woman in a suit walking down the street with a baby in her arms.

The ad also features an old man walking down a street in the same outfit.

The answer, according to a recent poll by Morning Consult, is that the young woman is a Republican candidate.

And the old man, according the survey, is a Democrat.

The Morning Consult poll of 1,746 registered voters shows the new ad is very different than the previous one, which showed a man walking along a street with his son and a woman in an old dress.

It shows a woman with her arms around a man in a dark suit, a man wearing sunglasses and a boy with a blue collar.

The latest ad has an image of the woman in the old suit and a man holding the baby in his arms.

But the old picture is not the picture that is shown in the new version.

The new version shows the woman holding the man’s hand and saying, “Hi.”

The woman is not in a position of power, but her hands are moving as she walks down the middle of the street.

That is not an old image of a man with his hand on a woman’s shoulder.

The pollster, Monmouth University, did not include the picture of the man holding a baby, but a man on the street wearing glasses and a blue-collar shirt, and a young man with an old shirt and jeans.

The older picture shows the older man holding an old woman’s hand as she runs.

That image was taken by an older woman walking down another street with her baby in hand.

The older woman is seen holding the hand of the baby and smiling.

The woman wearing glasses is smiling.

The polling firm found that in the previous poll, the Republican Party was seen as a party that was “in charge of people.”

In the new poll, it was seen by voters as a “party of a small group of people who make things happen.”

The polling company also found that the Republicans were viewed as the party that has the most “power,” with more people identifying with the party than the Democrats.

In fact, the pollster found that Trump voters were the party of power in the country.

In this case, the power to make things go is seen in the image of Trump standing with his arms crossed over his chest, looking directly into the camera, as if he is waiting for someone to help him.

The other important factor is that Trump is seen as someone who is willing to say what is needed and do what is necessary to get what he wants.

The image of him standing in front of the camera is very much reminiscent of the image in the first ad.

This image of Donald Trump standing in the middle has become a symbol for Republicans.

They have become the party, or, at least, a set of candidates, who have the power.

In recent years, Republican candidates have used images of Trump in order to attack Hillary Clinton, who they say is the embodiment of the “establishment.”

But in recent months, Trump’s image has been a symbol of the people.

In particular, he has become the symbol of those people who are frustrated with the system, and who are looking for a new leader.

This is the image that is seen by the millions of Americans, and which the Republican candidates are using.

Donald Trump has had a lot of time to get ready for the coming elections.

But he is going to do the right thing and vote in the November election.

This article was written by The Associated Press.

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