Canada: ‘You can have your cake and eat it too’ – CBC News

Posted May 06, 2018 08:24:37A federal court in Calgary ruled Friday that a company that has been accused of breaching the law by advertising on the social networking site Discord is in the right to continue operating.

The Alberta Court of Appeal in Calgary threw out the government’s decision to stop the business, which operated as Discord Inc., from operating.

It also rejected a request by a group of business owners to overturn the ruling.

“There is no question the court erred in concluding that the business could continue,” the judges said in their decision.

“This is a case that the government can do no wrong.”

The decision comes at a time when the Canadian government is grappling with a massive opioid crisis, as fentanyl has reached an epidemic level in Alberta.

The court ruled that Discord has a legal duty to continue to operate, even as the company faces a number of legal challenges.

In addition, Discord’s owners have been trying to convince a judge to force the government to intervene and shut down the business.

They have also asked for a new trial.

The case dates back to 2013, when the Alberta Court found Discord violated the Competition Act by advertising the company as a platform for professional gaming.

The government argued that the ads were aimed at encouraging gamers to use the company for their own business.

The company says it has been forced to stop advertising after the court ruled in 2016.

In a statement, the company said the ruling “vindicates our long standing position that all advertising on a marketplace should be limited to those intended to promote the good of the market.”

In its ruling, the court noted that the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission had upheld the ban on advertising Discord.

“Discord’s advertisements were not aimed at promoting professional gaming, but rather were designed to reach casual players, those who do not have a dedicated gaming network, and those who otherwise could not access Discord,” the court said.

“Discord does not support its advertisements with any type of claim for unfairness or disadvantage.

Discord’s advertising was not intended to influence the content of the chat room.”

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